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Why Does My Cat Only Eat Wet Food?

Are you fond of cats?

Perhaps you have cats in your home or are thinking about adopting a cat or two. Often, seasoned cat owners and new cat parents do not know the most critical cat care issues. You probably never stopped to think about how close you and your cat are to things in life.

Often, when your cat has you stumped, put yourself in the place of your cat and ask the question again, and you will find the answer. I have rescued and cared for cats for over 30 years, and when I am stumped about something regarding my cat, I try to run a parallel between my cat and myself, and I can usually answer my question. Believe it or not, cats and humans are very much alike.

Why Does My Cat Only Eat Wet Food?

Some cat parents only feed dry food to their cats. However, the vets we have used have said that wet food is best to feed your cats because it adds water to their diet. There is nothing wrong with dry food, but it is best to offer wet food throughout the day to supplement the dry food. Your cat will do OK on wet or dry cat food. However, if your cat has a health issue, your vet may want your cat to eat a specialized vet diet. Moist food helps your cat avoid constipation due to the added moisture in the wet food.

Comparison Between You and Your Cat 

For example, I have a fierce dislike of peas, and if someone serves me peas, I am likely to push them aside and not eat them. I am like my cat because I will not eat anything that does not taste good. I am not a picky eater, but if someone serves me something I do not like, I won’t eat it. Cats are very picky eaters. Cat parents must know their cat’s likes and dislikes. Such as in the following examples.

  • Some cats eat only chicken, duck, or turkey.
  • Some cats only have a taste for fish.
  • Some cats like moist food and refuse to eat dry food.
  • Some cats like dry food and refuse to eat moist food.
  • Some cats eat dry or wet cat food.

It would be cruel of someone to place a plate of peas in front of me every day and say, eat your meal. That person must learn that I do not eat peas because I’m not too fond of the texture or the taste. I will never like peas, so I will never eat them. I will walk away from my plate like your cat might refuse to eat chicken or fish. If you wonder why your cat only eats wet food, put yourself in their place.

Cats are the same way as humans and run a close parallel. You must monitor your cat’s likes and dislikes in tastes and textures to ensure they eat a well-balanced diet and are not refusing their food. Ensure that the wet food you feed your cat equates to a balanced diet daily.

If your cat does not like dry food but eats wet food, this is likely what they prefer. My cats always tell me what they choose to eat and what they will not eat. I never feed them food or textures they do not like, and I never withhold their food because they will not eat what I give them. Cat moms and dads need to know their pets.

Is It OK For A Cat To Only Eat Wet Food?

Cats have different reasons why they may only eat wet food. Not wanting anything but wet food does not always have to do with food types and texture preferences. Sometimes this has to do with underlying medical problems.

Your cat may have dental issues. Put your cat once again in your place. Your cat can have the same problems as any human, such as but not limited to the following. If this is the issue, your cat may have pain when eating dry food or when it tries to chew treats. Can you chew well if you have any of these issues?

  • Cavities
  • A rotten tooth
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Tooth resorption
  • Broken teeth
  • Gum disease

Cats also know what foods are good for their digestive system. Not all cats can eat the same types or textures of foods that agree with their digestive systems. Some cats opt for wet food for ease of chewing and digestion. Some cat food professionals say that wet cat food mimics food found in the wild.

Some cats do not like how dry food feels when they swallow the kibbles, and the dry food pieces can even scratch or hurt their throat. Check to ensure your cat receives enough fresh, clean water every day. Filtered water is the best. You can purchase a gallon of drinking water and put out new water dishes twice a day unless the cat has a water fountain.

To sum up the above information, your cat eats wet food only for the following most common reasons.

  • It has a better taste.
  • It has different textures, and you must decide which texture your cat prefers; shreds, meaty bits, gravy lovers, pate.

It is purr-fectley OK to feed your cat wet cat food only. Read the directions and follow the advice of your vet as to how much wet food you need to feed your cat to ensure your cat gets adequate nutrients to maintain a proper weight.

What To Do If My Cat Will Only Eat Wet Food?

It makes no difference if your cat only eats wet or dry food. I have noticed that some of my cats eat more wet food than dry and some eat more dry food than wet. I leave dry food out 24/7. Some cat professionals do not believe you should do this. I say use common sense. I have a food feeder in my kitchen, a small bowl of dry food in our office, and one on our front porch. Four of our cats eat wet food in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner. Two cats mainly eat dry food and will pick at a couple of spoonfuls of wet food every morning.

If your cat only eats wet food, don’t fret. Your cat is doing fine. I believe in placing a small bowl of dry food wherever your cat spends the most time. Offering dry food to your cat is a great idea, and perhaps it sparks an interest in your cat to start trying dry food given the right type. If not, no worries.

However, after a few days, throw the food away and put fresh food in the dish. Food tends to become stale after a few days. If the weather is hot and humid, you may have to provide a small container of dry food every day. Once the food becomes stale, the cat will not eat it. Can you blame them?

If your cat’s favorite food is chicken, do not waste your money buying dry fish cat food because they probably will not eat it if they do not wet fish food.

Will My Cat Get Ill Eating Only Wet or Dry Cat Food?

No. Neither type of cat food will make your cat ill. Wet food adds liquids to your cat’s diet and the water they drink. All the cat food on the market today, from the cheapest brands to the more expensive brands, will not make your cat ill. However, my personal opinion is, cats need higher-quality grain-free food.

I wish we knew what we knew today regarding cat care thirty years ago. We have learned a lot about the best diets for cats. We would have done things a bit differently regarding the diet for our cats. In our early years of rescuing and caring for cats, we did not do too badly because many lived to the age of 17-19 years. The following are only a few of the top things I now look for in our cat’s wet and dry cat food.

  • Read labels
  • Protein levels are not over 36% unless a cat has kidney issues, then look for food at 28% protein. Let your vet guide you.
  • Look for foods with the lowest ash content. Ash leads to crystals in the urine or kidney stones.
  • Avoid all grains, including rice.
  • Try to find a food with cranberries which are excellent antioxidants and good for the kidneys. Neutered male cats are more susceptible to urinary tract infections and need food low in ash and benefit from cranberries.
  • I try to buy two different food brands every couple of months because the cats tire of eating the same thing every day.
  • I try to buy foods containing chicken, duck, turkey, and fish, the number one ingredient on the label, including sweet potatoes, berries, especially cranberries, peas, and carrots.
  • Avoid foods that contain chicken meal and meat-by-products
  • Avoid soy in any wet or dry cat food. Soy contributes to obesity in cats.