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Can You Leave Cats Alone For Two to Seven Days?

I have never left my cats alone except for a few hours. I know of some cat parents who do this without a second thought. One lady I know fills up two water dishes and two food dishes and leaves her kitty Sam for three days a few times every year. Doing this is a matter of opinion, and I believe that her fur baby will do just fine. However, I know that cats get anxious, restless, scared, bored, and wonder when their human is coming back home. Cats should not be left alone any longer than possible.

I currently have six cats, and the two younger brat cats, Lil’ Luke and his partner in crime, Willow, enjoy terrorizing the twisted sisters, Sophia and Isabella. They can make life miserable for the sisters. The sisters have no claws, so all they can do is scream bloody murder!

Our cute little old man, Wee Willy, has been the God Father of our homestead for the last 17 years. He can do his share of terrorizing when the notion hits him.

Mia rules our bedroom, and no one can enter her domain unless Mia says it’s OK.

All our kitties are untrustworthy, and I would never leave them alone any longer than to run errands. When we travel, I hire a trusted cat sitter 24/7, and I check in every day.

Can You Leave Cats Alone For Two to Seven Days?

If you set up everything for your kitty, such an abundance of,

  • Food
  • Water
  • An Extra litter pan
  • Lights
  • Sound

You may be able to leave your cat for two days, but no longer, absolutely not? Cats are curious critters and can get into jams. Cats are more independent than dogs and do many things for themselves. They appreciate your presence and miss you when you are away. A cat still needs fresh food, water, and companionship every day. They need their litter pan cleaned at least twice a day.

  • If you have kittens that are not at least four months old, never leave them alone for more than three hours.
  • Kittens at least eight months of age can tolerate about eight hours alone.
  • Adult cats can possibly stay alone for one to two days, but it is not recommended.

All cats are different. All cats have specific needs, requirements, personalities, and dispositions. Healthy cats who eat only dry food can be left alone for two days, but food gets stale, the water gets dirty, and the litter pan becomes too full. Leaving your adult cat alone depends on its environment, health, diet, and personality. If you know you will be gone, you need to prepare your kitty and make this trip as stressless as possible.

The weather is also a significant factor. Is it going to get too hot or too cold in the house for your cat? You need to prepare an ideal temperature.

How Long Can A Cat Be Left Alone?

Leaving cats alone depends on a few factors such as,

  • The age of the cat
  • The cat’s disposition
  • Health issues

If you have a kitten under four months, you could leave it alone for two hours. If the cat is under six months old, do not leave it alone for four hours. Do not leave it alone for more than eight hours at eight months. Healthy cats can be left alone for up to 48 hours only, over eight months of age. However, you must prepare and have several things to ensure your fur baby’s safety. It is also a good idea to have someone come in and check on your kitty and spend a few minutes with it. You should never leave an adult, healthy cat alone for more than 48 hours.

If you are away longer, hire a trusted pet sitter to stay 24/7 until you return.

How Long Can Multiple Cats Be Left Alone Together? 

We have had multiple cats in our family since 1992. We used to leave our cats alone when we went to work, and everything was alright when we got home. I was still uneasy while we were not there. Leaving multiple cats alone equates to leaving several children alone in the house. This is something that you never do.

I was lucky because someone was always home due to our work schedules. However, when we left for vacation, we hired a trusted pet sitter for several hours up to two weeks to come and live at our house.

I believe that when you take on the responsibility of having a pet, you must take care of that pet to the absolute best of your ability. This means never leaving the pet alone, except for the few hours at work. In multiple cat households, there are bound to be trouble makers. Multiple cats cannot be trusted to behave while you are away. Never leave multiple cats alone for more than a few hours.

What To Do If I Need To Leave My Cat Alone? 

If you must be away from home for more than two nights, hire a cat sitter. You and your cat will be happier. The tricky part is making sure you hire a devoted cat sitter and someone experienced in cat care and health and 100 percent trustworthy.

Leaving a cat alone depends on its age. I would never leave our Wee Willy alone for more than a few hours because he is at the end of his life, even though he is healthy now; we never want to take that chance. Never leave kittens alone with adult cats.

If you cannot hire a cat sitter, speak with a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor who can come into your home two to three times a day to care for your cat. This person can clean out the litter pan twice a day, fill the water and food dishes daily and spend some time with your cat.

If you do not have anyone you can call to come and care for your cat, you could consider boarding them as a last resort. Many vet practices board animals when their owner is away. You must figure this out, especially if you have multiple cats. Multiple cat families have no other option than to hire a live-in cat sitter.

Some private homes board pets. If you decide to go this route, you have the responsibility to screen anyone who you ask to care for your cat. You cannot be too careful when hiring a sitter to come into your home or taking your pet to a private home.

Hopefully, you would never leave a baby or toddler alone. However, as that child (cat) grows, you can leave them alone for a short while. When a cat becomes a senior, 10 years of age or more, you cannot leave them unattended for long periods, as this equates to leaving your elderly grandmother alone.

Your grandma is unsteady on her feet, is confused, no longer cooks, and needs help to get up and walk or visit the bathroom. While our little old man, Wee Willy, can get to the litter pan and can seek food and water, we dare not leave him alone for more than a few hours because he is 17 years of age.

Cat owners must weigh how their cat acts. Is your cat always fearful and on guard? Some cats are naturally anxious and nervous, like our cat sisters, Sophia and Isabella. These two cats fight each other’s battles. When we first adopted these sisters, Sophia would become so anxious when another cat approached her that she would start screaming and have a seizure due to anxiety. She has had two seizures due to anxiety.

Sophia is doing well now that she is comfortable in the home and with the other pets. However, if Lil’ Luke or Willow decides to start picking on her, they could trigger another seizure. She has not had a seizure in over three years, but for this reason, we must not leave her for more than a few hours.

Our bedroom is Mia’s domain, and she may take a walk through the house a couple of times a day. Mia may wander to the front porch and sit looking out the windows if it is warm outside. Mia does not stay long and is soon back in our bedroom. Mia is cautious of everything and everyone, especially our other cats. She frightens easily, and you have to earn her trust. When we adopted Mia from our vet, it took me three years to earn her trust.

Mia is no problem. I would not think twice about leaving any of our cats for up to six hours. However, we have multiple cats, and we do not have the option of leaving them alone for more than a few hours.

Establishing a trusted cat sitter to come into your home 24/7 takes the worry of leaving your cats alone. However, I must write up an informational list that details each cat, its likes, dislikes, health, etc.